Church Planting


Jesus said in Matthew 21: 13, “…My house shall be called a house of prayer…”

In the year 20123, the Lord spoke to Pastor. Cyril and Sis. Jemima very clearly to plant a church in the bay area, The Blessing. about launching a church plant. We With much prayer started ‘we started The Blessing’ in the month of February 2013 in faith believing that the Lord who has called us is faithful. We had just a hand full of people. Now we have a few families that join us. , a place of worship were people from all nations, tribe and tongue are invited. Our God- given us a goal is to see a personal, family and community transformation in the San Francisco Bay area. The Blessing is a ‘house of prayer’ where people from every nation, tribe and tongue are welcome. In the year 2015, a ‘Tamil Service’ was added that now brings the ‘Tamil speaking’ community together. Visit us at for to get more information about our church.