Isaiah 64: 8 says, “O LORD, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You, our Potter; And all

we are the work of Your hand.”


Isaiah 59: 16 says, “He saw that there was no man, And wondered that there was no intercessor…”

Our Transform Communities Prayer is an intercessory prayer that is dedicated to pray for the Nation every day of the work week. Jesus said in Matthew 21: 13, “…My house shall be called a house of prayer…”

We have around 60 intercessors throughout the US and from 18 different states standing in the gap before God and on behalf of our nation every single day of the work week. We have a very committed prayer leaders leading 7 batches on intercession.

Our prayer Calendars are printed and distributed each year to hundreds of intercessors to pray for the U. S meaningfully. God has graciously blessed us with more than 60 intercessors from 18 different states. We have seven prayer leaders that facilitate the intercession.

Prayer Calendars are prepared every year. Each calendar has a prayer request for every day of the week. They are printed and distributed to hundreds of intercessors. God’s people use them every day to pray for our nation.

Fasting prayer happens on every Friday. Our intercessors agree and pray for God’s workthat is done through the Potter’s Ministries. They also pray for one another which brings a great unity among the intercessors. and for all the prayer requests that come in. We are seeing many answers to the fervent prayers.

Lighthouses are home groups that serve as a ‘houses of prayer.’ We have launched lighthouses where God’s people gather in a home-setting and worship the Lord, hear the word of God and intercede for revival in our communities and for each other. We currently have two Lighthouses one in San Jose and the other one in New Jersey. and for each other.

Our monthly ‘Prayer ride for Men,’ is for men to gather together, drive to places around the bay area and pray for transformation in cities and counties. They have prayed at intercedechurches, court houses, city halls, schools, colleges, water reservoirs and much more. . Bro. Cyril along with intercessors, drive to different locations and intercede. We have two Prayer Rides s happening everyin a month: . oOne in the San Francisco Bay area and the one in Victoria, Canada.

“Project 3140” is a prayer mapping initiative to map the prayer needs in every county of theUS. This tool helps intercessors throughout the US to pray effectively. Please visit www.poject for more information.