Redigging the Wells of Revival Conference

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Our Components



Transform Communities Prayer:  Prayer warriors from 21 different states in the U.S.  join together in our daily intercessory prayers over a teleconference bridge from Monday to Thursday.  We have both one hour and half hour prayer batches. Adults, youth and children stand in the gap and pray for revival in America.

Prayer Ride: Our brothers in the San Francisco Bay area gather together every third Saturday, drive to a location and intercede for revival in our local communities. They drive to places like Churches, City Halls, Corporate Headquarters, Water Reservoirs and Educational Institutions and pray for God to move in those places.

Prayer and Fasting: Our intercessors dial- in and pray for our ministry and for one another every Friday over a teleconference bridge.  On the First Saturday, we join hands with other ministries and prayer groups to intercede for revival in America.  On the Second Saturday, we pray for revival in America and for our church members as a church family.

Lighthouses: These are home groups, that gather for spiritual growth and meaningful fellowship with believers.  In the Lighthouses, we have intercessory prayer time, sharing of the word, testimony time and pray for one another.


Outreaches:  We do outreaches during Easter time and Christmas time in homes, neighborhood and apartment complexes. The objective is to share the ‘love of Jesus’ and win souls. Many have been touched by the Lord in special ways.

Bible Distribution Projects:  We distribute Bibles in elementary schools, Vacation Bible Schools, homes and apartment complexes.   At least ten different kinds of Bibles are bought by the cases and distributed each year according to the age groups.

Gospel Material:  John’s gospel, cartoon tracts and other kinds of literature and media are distributed locally and also shipped to other places where are intercessors live.


One day Seminars: ‘Family Seminar’ is focused on building strong families. God willing, we will do a ‘Youth Seminar’ next year to build our youth in the ways of the Lord.

Annual Conferences:  These are two day events in the Bay area.  ‘Transformation Anointing Conference’ is focused on helping people receive the power of the Holy Spirit.  ‘Transformation Intercession Conference’ is focused on gathering people to intercede for a transforming revival in America.

Monthly Women’s Event:  The King’s Bride is an event to equip women for the work of the ministry and to build God’s kingdom.  Many women and  children gather together every month from different churches. We have heard hundreds of testimonies for the glory of God.

Publishing:  Our newest book, ‘Heal our Land’ was published recently.  Books and music albums are published and released to bless the Body of Christ.

Speaking Engagements:  Both pastor. Cyril and sister. Jemima receive invitations to speak in churches and ministries to equip God’s people in the U.S. and beyond.

MISSION PROJECTS:  At least 10 percent of the ministry income is used to bless our community and our Nation of America. As the Lord leads us, we help servants of God, ministries, churches and people in need financially not only in California but send help to other places in America.

CHURCH:  The Blessing Church is a house of prayer for all people.  We pray as a church from Monday to Thursday over a teleconference bridge and we call it ‘The Blessing Prayer.’  Every Sunday, we have an ‘Hour of Prayer’ which is actually an hour of power. Our monthly Tamil service has been a great blessing to the Body of Christ in San Jose, CA.