Mrs. Chidhambaram
I am a Brahmin. I had so many Gods in my life. I did not have peace. Today, Jemima came to my home and shared about Jesus. I invited Jesus into my life. I made Jesus Lord and Savior in my life. I have the joy. I am a widow and am totally confined to a wheel chair. I used to go to temples. Now I am not able to go anywhere. I am so happy to know that Jesus has made me His temple. He will stay within me. Thank you, Jemima for visiting me, a widow and giving me an opportunity to invite Jesus into my life. Praise God.
By Shoba
One day, I got a threatening call from my tenent who wanted to file a lawsuit against me for no fault of mine. He was constantly making threatening calls. I knew I would win the case but I could not imagine what would happen afer that. It looked like he could come and do anything to me and my family. He was so angry at us. I was so afraid and had no where to go. The fear just gripped me. I could not sleep nor eat for days.
I thought my neighbor, Jemima would pray for me and Jesus can help me. I knew already that she is doing God’s work. So, I went to her for prayers. She invited me to join the Sunday evening Bible Study at her house. But when I went there, she shared the love of God to me and I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior for the first time. She gave me a Bible to read every day and prayed with me for my prayer request.
In the very next week, I got a call from my lawyer saying that the tenent does not have the eligibility to file a lawsuit as he could not prove any assets to his name and the case is withdrawn. Praise God! The Lord just turned the situation around. Now I am happy. I am growing in the relationship with Jesus too. Praise the Lord! Jemima, thank you for everything.
By Sucharitha Kumar
The first curious question people often ask me is “You were a Hindu, but how did you convert to a Christian? I would like to answer this question by sharing a personal spiritual experience. In December 1999, my 3-year-old son was facing severe health problems. Having neither family nor friends, I fell into a spell of loneliness and depression. At that time, while casually watching a Christian program on the TV, I heard the preacher saying “Call Jesus into your heart and cast your burden on Him”. Back then, I was a very staunch Hindu. But at that time, I was in such a miserable state of mind that I wanted some way out. So I called Jesus into my heart. I just spoke to Jesus and shared all my mental agony with Him as if He were my closest friend. I wept aloud and prayed in anguish for 3 days.
On the 3rd night i.e., the 29th January 2000 at exactly 4 a.m., I was lying on my bed not being able to sleep, totally exhausted. Suddenly, amidst the silence of the night, I heard a crystal clear, audible, heavenly voice of a man (whom I strongly believe was the voice of Jesus) saying very gently but very firmly -“You know me, follow me” The voice came very close to my right ear. In the background, I also heard a clear sound of trumpets. I felt a jerk in my body, tears were flowing down my cheeks and a sudden sweet peace filled my heart. It seemed as if somebody just lifted the entire load off my body and soul. From that moment onwards I said, “Lord, I place my life in your hands, lead me and I will follow you”. I felt an urge to read the Bible and I saw the same words in the Bible exactly as I heard.
Little by little, I saw incredible changes in my inner being. Feelings of fear, hurt, anger, possessiveness and all my other weakness were slowly being removed in my daily walk with Jesus. My entire personality and my outlook towards life underwent a dramatic change. Instead of self-pity and anger, I began to feel great compassion and love for those who mistreated me. Amazingly all my relationships blossomed with love. An interesting observation was that the more time I spent in prayer to Jesus, the greater He blessed me and the lives of those whom I prayed for.
Before I knew Jesus, I was a fanatic Hindu – going to temple regularly, ardently worshipping every Hindu god and goddess, doing rituals, reciting lengthy prayers every day etc. But sadly, none of the above things brought to me the untold peace, joy and love that Jesus gave me. I consider the idols I worshipped as an abomination and I cast them all out. They made no meaning to my life.
Now, the burning desire in my heart is to reach out the best I can to all that are in my position. Every human heart longs for that permanent peace, rest, joy and happiness. We all search for it in the wrong places. The one and only place a human being can find the real joy, is in JESUS CHRIST. I sincerely pray that every person reading my testimony will give his/her heart to Jesus and get this free gift of Salvation, which alone can bring eternal rest and joy.
Just experience it!
Sudha Moses

I am Sudha Moses. I live in India. My husband and I came to Minneapolis, MN in U.S.A. for our son’s wedding, which was held on June 5, 2015. I would like to share a testimony of God’s miracle in my life.
In June of 2014, I got severe pain in my right hand and in my back. I suffered for about five months. I met specialists at corporate hospitals in Hyderabad. In all, I met seven doctors. They wrote many prescriptions, performed many tests like MRI and ultrasound, and did several blood tests. The test reports looked normal. Finally, the doctors decided that I was suffering from muscular pain . I continued to use the prescribed medicines. But there was no relief. Someone advised me to try Homeopathic medication. I experienced relief after I started using it. Even though I had been taking medication everyday for six months, the pain returned. I could sleep only if I applied an ointment on my whole body. Though I continued using the medication, I did not get relief.  I suffered a lot and couldn’t get good sleep.
On June 27, 2015,  a Holy Spirit-led ladies meeting was held by Sr. Jemima Rayan of the Potter’s Ministries, at Bread of Life Church in Minneapolis. Due to my severe body pain,  I was not in a condition to attend the meeting. However, I managed to attend it. At the end of the meeting, Sr. Jemima  made an altar call to receive an anointing of the Holy Spirit. Then, she made a second altar call to receive a fresh anointing. I went to the front with tears flowing. When Sr. Jemima touched me, I received the anointing and started speaking in tongues. Soon afterward, I felt my bodybecome very light. My pain was gone! I moved my body to confirm that a change had taken place  in my body. God touched my body through Sr. Jemima. I was filled with the Holy spirit and my body pain was gone. Praise God! I am giving all glory to God. I thank Sr. Jemima for praying for me. Since then I haven’t applied any ointment on my body, and I have been sleeping well. Our God is a miraculous God.
Sr. Jemima,  I once again thank you very much. Praise God!
I have been married for 10 years and I had a history of 6 pregnancy losses. Last year I went for a fertility treatment. On my way I had a chance to meet Jemima Akka. She prayed for me.
With the Grace of our risen Lord Jesus Now I am blessed with 2 boys. I praise the Lord for his Glory and thank Jemima Akka for their ministry.
Last week Jemima Akka prayed for my first son to strengthen the digestive track. Because he was always throwing up after feeding. Ever since that he does not vomit. I thank Lord for this miracle too.

Nancy & Vivek
As we were trying for baby for more than a year, we were privileged to attend the prayer meeting of sister Jemima Rayan and my wife conceived with the baby within a week.
Thanks for the prayers of sister and Praise to the Lord.
Arulmozhi Alexander
I just wanted to thank you for your ministry, and the outlet it provided me with to receive healing. For the past two weeks, I have had extreme pain and stiffness in my right great toe and it was heavily inflammed from arthritis. Slowly it was spreading to other toes also and even to my fingers. I had tried vitamins, pain killers and nothing helped to alleviate the pain. I was in terrible pain. It was gradually getting worse.
On Friday, Feb 4th,2011 during our intercessory prayers I asked Akka to pray for me and as she told I started to apply the annointed oil over all my fingers, when she was praying for me with burden. After the prayer session, my pain started to reduce and slowly all the inflammation was responding gradually as I kept on massaging my fingers with the annointed oil. I had pain all over my toes which made it difficult to function but now things are a lot easier and I am grateful to the Almighty God for the relief.
It’s been a week and my pain is still gone. I have momentary twinges of pain every once in a while, but every time that happens, I thank God for healing me. The majority of my pain really is gone. I experienced the mercy, grace and miracle power of God. Praise God who is the great Healer!
“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who forgives all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases …” (Psalm 103:2)
Seattle, WA
Sis. Jemima was our speaker for the celebration service for our Pentecostal Sunday that we celebrated on the 31st of May at Trinity Bible Church in Chicago. After the message, she gave an altar call and laid hands on the ones that came forward. The following healings were reported:
-Sister Laxmi was healed of tendonitis of right elbow.
-Sister Lena felt the fire in her body and was burned up and that she had full night rest without waking up that night for the first time in a long time.
-Brother Gabriel George had a failing vision as he is a diabetic. The next day morning he woke up and his vision was very clear. He waited to check the night vision and it was clear too.
Praise the name of the Lord!
Pastor. Paul Gorre, Chicago, IL.
Y.Chinnapa Reddy, Hyderabad, India
I just want to glory the Lord for His Mercy and Grace He has shown in my life.
July 2008, I was diagnosed with Cancer of Lymph, I was told by the doctors that 6 cycles of Chemotherapy will cure the same. I underwent all the cycles and in the month of Oct 2008, the doctors declared that I was completed healed.
But after 3 months in the month of March 2009, the disease came back. The doctors again spotted cancer cells in my body. That’s when I looked at the Lord and knew that He is the only one who would cure this permanently for me, and the only one who would save me from the situation.
On April 3rd, Sister Jemima prayed for me over the phone, and I experienced Holy Spirit descending on me.
I had been to CMC (Hospital) for further treatment. The doctors said that I am not having the diseases any more. –Praise the Lord.
I had been healed with Divine intervention, I Thank the Lord for all the things in my life and especially Sister Jemima for supporting me in times of need.
Praise the Lord
S Parker
During the September, 2007, Women’s Annointing meeting in Danville, CA.
we prayed for a woman who had numbness in her feet and I laid hands
on her and knew immediately she had tingling in her toes and had
feeling. The joy in her face and praise for the Lord followed. Two days
later, as I was driving I could feel my key cord tickling my right knee and
it was annoying me and I then realized after two years of numbness in
both my knees I was healed! I was so excited I almost caused another
accident Praising the Lord and couldn’t wait to tell Jemima who had laid
hands on Me! Thank you Lord for healing me through Jemima and The
Potter’s Ministries.
V.R from San Francisco
Sister healed of kidney stones:
I asked Jemima to pray for my sister who was suffering from Kidney stones. She was going to take a surgery on the 21st of February. Jemima prayed for my sister who is in Central America. I called my sister on the 21st of February that’s when the surgery was scheduled. So she was at the hospital but she told me she was going to take the surgery on Thursday, the 22nd and so I called back the Thursday. My sister told me she went home because the Doctor said she doesn’t need a surgery and that she got a miracle. We got the good news. This is my testimony. Jemima is truly a woman of God and very inspiring. I praise God for the healing. Thank you Jemima for praying for my sister.
Carmen Milton
Bro. Rayan,
I just wanted give my testimony of my healing.
I attended the Special Healing meeting you and your wife hosted for Pastor Lucy Muiru. I went with the intent to receive healing. You see, I had been having problems with my heart skipping beats (heart palpitations) and I had been going to the doctors to find out what the problem was. They were not able to find out the reasons so they decided I needed to wear a heart monitor for 30 days and download the information via telephone every 3 incidents I had. Well, I wore the monitor for 1 week and I wore it the meeting, I went up for prayer and the following day I stopped having incidents (heart palpitations).
Princy Philip:
Jemima, in your meeting, the Lord helped me feel His presence and the Lord taught me from His word about His Holy Spirit and His fire. I had this palpitation problem during my exam time. I get so tensed up and I had suffered much due to this palpitation. With a heavy burden, I came to you for prayers. You laid your hand and prayed for me. The Lord touched me and healed me completely. The next day I had to write my exams. I never had the palpitation problem. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jemima. God bless your ministry.
Severe stomach ache stopped:
I had a severe stomach ache last week. I was unable to do my regular work. I was not able to sleep. I asked Jemima to pray for me the next day early in the morning. She prayed for me with a great burden. The next day 50% of the pain was gone. The next day there was a total healing. I did not have the pain after that. Jesus healed me. I am completely healed and do not have the slightest symptom of the pain. Glory to God. God bless the Potter’s Ministries. Thank you, Jemima for your prayers.
Name withheld
Name withheld
I gave birth to my second child last year. For the past couple of months I had a pain in my breast. I went for a medical check up and the doctors said it could be cancerous. They scheduled me for an untrasound and it looked like cancer for them. My heart was gripped with the fear of death. At that time, the monthly letter that Sis. Jemima sends came in. I read it hoping to get some hope. She had written the words of David as found in Psalm 23 , “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear evil”. It seemed as though the Lord was personally talking to me.
I called her immediately and she prayed over the telephone. The Lord did a miracle. By this time they had scheduled a surgery on me. After the operation they examined the tissues and found it to be “fibro adelina” which is not cancerous and the doctors said there is nothing to fear. It is a simple growth. Praise God who is my healer. I thank Jemima for taking the time to pray for me in my pain. God bless you.
From Clement and Jeny
Seatle, Washington.
Our infant daughter Dorothy, wouldn’t eat well for atleast three weeks. She would not open her mouth at all. We didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t make her eat anything. So I called Sis. Jemima last friday for prayer. She prayed over the telephone that the Lord will touch her and give her a good appetite. After the prayer, I could see the difference. Our daughter started eating little by little and in a day or two she is eating three good meals a day. Praise the Lord. Thank you Sis. Jemima for praying for Dorothy.
Boils Disappeared:
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord. I would like to share my testimony for the Glory of God. I thank God for He is able to do more than what we ask or think off. When Sister Jemima came to Dallas, Texas to minister I was suffering with immense pain due to large boils on my leg for 3 days and when I met sister, she prayed for my needs and for my health and especially for the boils to disappear. Praise the Lord, when I woke up the next day I found that the pain had been reduced and in the evening when sister enquired me about my health I realized that the boil had become very small and that the pain had gone completely. And so I thank God for His healing power and may our Lord use sister Jemima greatly in the ministry.
God Bless you & your family
Nancy Andrew.
Issue of blood stopped:
I had been affected with severe bleeding for 65days. I took several medications from my gynecologist, but nothing worked out. So I stopped all the treatments and started praying to God. Unexpectedly, I received a phone call on the 65th day morning and it was Sis.Jemima praying with tears for me in the telephone. Right at the moment I felt the powerful touch of Jesus through her prayer and I was absolutely delivered the same day. Glory and honour to Jesus. Thanks for your prayers. May Lord use you more abundantly in the healing ministry.
Thanks, NSRN

I am 15 years of age. I was continually tormented by evil spirits for a long time. Sometimes I would fall down and get seizures. Many medical treatments were done but it didn’t help. During the special meeting sis. Jemima prayed over me, I felt a big fat figured person coming out of my body. The Lord delivered me totally. Later when sis, Jemima prayed for me, I received the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord.
S. Palaniammal
I was oppressed by evil spirits. I had gone through many tough times in my life because of this. My family became very sad because of this. So I was looking for deliverance. I attended the special meeting that my pastor had arranged when sis. Jemima was praying for many people. I wanted to be set free. So I came forward. When she laid her hands on me and prayed over me, I was totally delivered from the evil spirit. Glory to God!
Hema Sakthivel
I want to Praise and thank the Lord for all His goodness towards me and my family. The Lord is gracious and compassionate in answering everyone of my prayers according to His will. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to sister Jemima and her family for interceeding on my behalf. She has been very faithful to pray and fast for my needs since 1998 and God has heard her prayers and granted me and my family healings, deliverances, salvations, victories, counsel and also blessed me with a baby boy Benny Isaiah Sakthivel. I also want to testify to the fact that Sister Jemima is truly called and chosen of the Lord to do mighty works for HIM in these last days and God is using her in several ways to reach out to the people around the world. Her recent book Experiencing the Holy Spirit has ministered to me and believe that it will bless others too.
God bless her abundantly and continue to use her for HIS glory.
Family restoration
Testimony by Susan Parker
Jemima, always tells me to cast my burdens on Jesus. I often wonder, “Does He hear me”? This was the best physical sign I could have seen. Jemima has been praying for my Children. My Daughter recently has been delivered from Drugs and Alcohol. Praise the Lord, Her finances are increasing also. My Granddaughter (4) is now attending Tutor Time in town and is excelling in her learning.
I sincerely pray that every person reading my testimony, if you haven’t already given your heart to Jesus, please do so and feel the joy, love, peace the Lord can bring.
Thank you for your prayers, Cyril and Jemi for the Bible Study and encouragement when I call.
Testimony by Mrs. Vanitha Nallathambi
Monthly letter is a great blessing:
I was so depressed by the thought of my daughter who does not have children after 14 years of marriage. I was also worried about the visa situation for her and her husband to pursue studies in the U. S. On the very day, ‘The Potter’s Ministries’ monthly letter reached me. The verses that Jemima had shared were such a comfort to me. All my worries were gone as I read the letter. The Lord spoke through the word that she had written from the Word of God. I felt as though all my prayers got answered just then. Now, I have the assurance that I will see the miracle in God’s own way and in His own time. My prayers are with you as always.
God’s Comfort
Dear Sister,
Thank you for your ministires and praise god for your obedience unto our
lord and saviour.Your prayers and word are a great comfort and encouragment to me and have truly been blessed by it. Pretty soon I believe to have a miracle report, please continue to bless many in need like me with prayers and word from god.Thank you and god bless your ministries.
Philip Maria and Jeyanthini.
We thank God for blessing us with a wonderful home. The Lord helped us sell our house and buy a new house in the very same month. We felt the presence of God on every aspect of the move.
We also thank the Potter’s Ministries for their wonderful prayer support. Sis. Jemima guided us with the word of God according to Acts 17:26 which says, “And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings”.
The Lord has multiplied in thousands what we sowed into the Potter’s Ministries. Once again we thank God for this wonderful blessing and dedicated prayer ministry of Sis. Jemima and Bro. Cyril.
Susan Parker
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord. I would like to share my testimony for the Glory of God. I thank God for He is able to do more than what we ask or think of.
Jemi has been faithfully praying for a financial business breakthrough for my children and I. Today, I went to the bank for my mother-in-law and as I left the bank I noticed a green paper on the ground. I didn’t have my glasses on and went to see, it looked like it might be a $20.00 (Big head money). I was mistaken, the closer I got to the bill I realized it was a $100.00 bill! WOW! I needed money for my registration for my car totaling $126, I had a little and the Lord provided the remainder! I had prayed before going to the Bank.
Thank you Jesus.
Spiritual Growth
Praise The Lord.
Our dear Lord gave us a chance to attend this Kings bride meeting on 20/September. Myself, My mom, my daughter came from Sacramento to San Jose. On the way I was little discouraged because of traffic and told my mom, may be we will go back. But she encouraged me telling “atleast show me the Church this time. May be next time we will go on time”. Lord gave me strength and encouragement we reached on time.

Lord filled my mom with Holy spirit anointing. I also take this opportunity to praise God for filling me and my son on January 17th of this year with Holy spirit anointing.

I attended ‘The King’s Bride’ for the 1st time last month on August 20th. I came with the intention of praying about a new house but God had bigger greater plans for me – Praise the LORD!
The message on ‘Casting out the powers of darkness’ was an eye opener to me and the worship & prayer was so anointed that I was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. I was crying & praying in the Spirit and the LORD’s promise to me is – Me and my family, we will serve the LORD. Today I stand strengthened in my Faith.
The following week, I fasted and prayed. The Lord humbled me and each day, I learnt new truths from reading the ‘Word of God’. The Lord also reached out to me through Carol who supported me with her prayers. The ‘Spiritual Food’ page from the Potter’s Ministries website also revealed more biblical truths. It covers so many topics and is so well written with biblical references that questions I had for a long time got answered. I was humbled and learnt that I had to change in so many areas.
I was saved when I was 19 and had experienced a ‘spiritual baptism’. That following Sunday (August 28th), I took the ‘Water Baptism’ in obedience to His command and re-committed my life to the LORD. Praise the LORD!
Nalla Sundarajan
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share among this precious group of women. I appreciate what you’re doing so much…. loved your teaching as always! I’m also so grateful that you took the time to input in my life so many years ago, week after week! I was not only ministered in that, but also God was using you to mentor me on how to teach the Word. Thank you soooooo much! May the Lord bless and establish and multiply abundantly the work of yours and Cyril’s hand, for His glory.
While Jemima was ministering to our college girls, I could feel the presence of God. I could literally feel God walking amongst all of us. Praise Jesus!
Today as we were in the presence of God, I got the assurance that the Lord has forgiven all my sins. All these years, I had this guilt and it is gone now. I know my God has lifted me up. Thank God for you, Jemima.
When given the invitation for a special meeting with Jemima, I decided to attend it. I thank God for his presence that was so tangible. The Lord helped me in my exams. Thank you, Jesus.
Rakesh Joshi
I am studying in Wilson College. The Lord said to me that He will bless my hands to be a blessing. Today, on the 29th March, 2006, He touched my hand with a special touch when Jemima was ministering to us.
Mansi Moses
My prayer life was growing very weak. Today Jemima came to minister to our hostel girls. My life will never be the same. I could feel His mighty anointing and my body began to shiver without control. I felt very unworthy of receiving it. Praise be to God for His mighty work.
Today as you were ministering to us, I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit like I have never ever felt in all my life.
Surely the Lord has blessed me double fold today, as I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in a mighty way. It was tremendously, wonderful and peaceful within. Thank you Jemima for your ministry. I just wanted to be in His presence continually to feel him more and more. Thank God for His presence today. I just want to tell him that I will be a witness for him and testify his name always through my life.
Phebe George
In your meeting at the Wilson college girls hostel, I had a great experience of being in the presence of the Lord. As we were praying for the fire to anoint us and revive us, I felt a fresh and a bright light covering me – turning my darkness into light. God also spoke to me through you, Jemima – saying that I am grieving the spirit. All that He wants in me is me and my time. Will keep in prayers. God bless.
I don’t know, Jemima how to put it in words. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit and I just kept on crying and crying. I felt a current passing through me….and I started shivering….I felt the experience, power which I have never felt before…I felt that I received something within….Praise the Lord.
From Elizabeth Maniarasu, New York
Loving greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was very blessed visit to me, my family and to my church. Your teaching and the Holy Spirit anointing was full of fire on Saturday meeting. I was really touched by the Holy Spirit and renewed my strength. I used to speak only few words in tongues after that Saturday meeting when I was once
again touched by the Holy Spirit, the next day I even sang a song in the tongues and God was interpreting the meaning to myself. It was awesome experience to me that day. I thank God and I thank Jemima for her faithful work for the Lord and also I thank Brother Rayan for his leadership meetings because I have all the potential to be a leader but there was no encouragement in my life to go forward to do God’s work, but after I attended the meetings God spoke to me that “He is my encourager” to do His work. I thank God and Praise God for His Pure Love .
From Jogy George
Dear Cyril and Jemima,
This past week has been the best time ever in my life. You both (with Hannah) have a special place in my heart and prayers. Please continue to touch people’s lives as you have done in my life.
From Chinwe Chuck, San Jose
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Book “Experiencing the Holy Spirit” was a very interestig book. I enjoyed every minute of it. I pray the Lord would open everyone’s eyes and mind as they read the book and embrace the person of the Holy Spirit. Again thanks for letting me read the book.
God bless.
Bro. Mani and Sis. Selvi, Maryland, Washington D.C
We read your monthly ministry letter and were blessed. Even as we read your letter, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. It really blessed us. God bless you and your ministry.
Susan Parker
Cyril, Jemi, I and others meet on Sunday evening for Foundation Bible Study. It’s wonderful to understand about the Lord. Thank you Cyril, for all your time to teach us. I am learning to be a great Leader for the Lord.
On One First of the Month Prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit was present and while I was praying, I was engulfed in a purple cloud and was surrounded with such a peace I knew the Lord was in the room.
Over the past few months I have made many changes in my personal walk with Jesus. I love what he’s done for me. I sincerely pray that every person reading my testimony, If you haven’t given your heart to Jesus, give your heart right now and feel the joy, love and peace that the Lord can bring.
Thank you for your prayers, Bible Study and encouragement when I call. You truly have a miracle ministry.

I made bad grades especially in Math and English. My mom was so concerned about this. So she took me to Jemima to have her pray over me. Praise God. I made straight ‘A’s in all the subjects the very next month. I have made A + in all the three subjects ie., math, English and Reading. Thankyou for all your prayers.
Power of God
Twin Brothers received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit together:
Ani Purohith’s Testimony:
When I heard about the “outpouring of the Holy Spirit” in Jemima Auntie’s message I was overjoyed because I had not received the gift of the Spirit. I was very happy that I could have the opportunity to meet Jemima Auntie after the service. She asked me if I would like to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I said yes. Auntie started praying for me and I could not describe what I felt! I could feel the Holy Spirit coming down and filling the room. I collapsed under the power of God and I could feel that the Holy Spirit was in me. Glory to God!
Adi Purohith’s Testimony:
When I was hearing the message about anointing and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I said to myself, “This is exactly what I want to have in my life”. So I cried out to God to give me the anointing of the Holy Spirit. After the service I went to Auntie Jemima and told her of my yearning for the Holy Spirit. So we prayed and she put her hand on me. At that moment the Spirit came on my with the evidence of tongues. My life has been changed. Praise the Lord!
V.R from San Francisco
Baptized in the Holy Ghost:
I was invited to a service, on February 17th 2007 at one of my friend’s home and that’s how I met with Jemima Rayan. She is a very inspiring lady. I come from a Baptist background. Jemima gave a good teaching on the topic of receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Then she laid hands on me and prayed and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I started talking in other tongues. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jemima for sharing the word and praying for me.

I felt the power of the Holy Spirit like never before. I could literally feel and see the glory of God and it is very much as a confirmation that God gave me for the prophecy to see visions. My past was just plucked out of me. A complete breakthrough. Praise God. Thank you so much, Jemima for taking the time to minister to me.
I have been saved since 30 years. I was fasting to receive the Holy Spirit. During the anointing meeting, sis. Jemima laid hands on me, I felt a fire go through my whole body. I began to speak in another tongue and glorified God.
When sis. Jemima laid hands and prayed for me, God’s power came upon me. I could not bear the power of God on me and therefore I fell down in the floor. I received the power of God.
I am a believer for the past 10 years. I received the Holy Spirit when you prayed for me. Praise God.
I accepted the Lord 7 months back. But I wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. So I came to the meetings with expectation. When Sis. Jemima laid hands on me, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit.
I came to the anointing meeting that was arranged in our church. The Lord anointed me with His spirit. I felt great joy. I praise God for sis Jemima who was used as an instrument. Praise the Lord.
I am a Hindu convert. Sis. Jemima laid hands on me and prayed over me. I felt the power of God in my body that was so refreshing. I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
M. W.
I read your book Moving from Vision to reality which was amazing and must read for those looking forward to be leaders. The context in the book filled me with a lot of wisdom and ideas to brainstorm.
Jeff & Jessica Heilman
Your email reminded me that I needed to reach out to you and let you know that Jessica’s sent her final copy of the book to the formatter last week. “Wholehearted: How I Received Healing From The Inside Out And You Can Too” is on it’s way to having the page sizes set and we’re expecting to print our first few hundred copies in the next 60 days. Just wanted you to know that this book came as a direct result of your “Vision to Reality” course at the Jubilee Bible College in February of 2009. We’re both excited to see the book in print and are so grateful for your obedience to continue your work in teaching. – Jeff & Jessica Heilman
Rick Chavez, Media Producer
“Even those who were inexperienced in making critical decisions soon found themselves being team leaders in Dr. Rayan’s class. Together, we discovered how to make the pieces fit as we developed new ministry ideas and formulated business plans. The class peeled off only the first layer of Dr. Rayan’s leadership knowledge but it was enough to create a hunger for creating even more personal and business projects.” – Rick Chavez, Media Producer
Jeff & Jessica, San Jose, CA
During Cyril’s course, I raised my hand when he asked us if anyone had a ‘vision’ that they would like to bring to reality. I would like to thank Cyril for his innovative book and obedience to the Lord in doing his best to bring to the forefront of our minds what needs to be done in order for a vision to become a reality. God has blessed him with a vision and a succinct way of ex-pressing it that we can all under-stand. Thank you Cyril, after your class my life has never been the same. Whole Hearted Ministries has been launched! Jeff & Jessica, San Jose, CA
Jubilee Bible College Student
Hi Cyril,
I wanted to say thank you so much for teaching and sharing with us your
I also wanted to say A New Day is my vision. Although I never brought it up
before it laid dormant in my heart for a very long time.
I was a sing mom and experienced the heartache of not being able to provide
for my children in the way I wanted to. Now that my biological daughter is a
single mom I really feel the pain resurface. Fortunately for her she has a
great education and very lucrative job and is able to provide for her son
financially. However, I know that at time she needs emotional support and my
grandson needs a male role model in his life.
My son in lay was murdered 4 years ago when my grandson was a year and 6
months old. He never knew his father and my daughter is still in mourning
for the loss of her husband. As a result she feels her son needs only her
and refused to let anyone try to discipline him.
She is angry at her loss and refuses to submit to God she feels that God is
mean and hurtful. I have tried and tried again to show her the love of the
Father. Not having her earthly father love or care for her (he abandon us
when she was 6months old) and then after trusting and loving a man and he
gets killed. She feels that God is not a God of love but a mean and tortuous
In the mean time my grandson is the most loving person. He is so
compassionate and funny, and really craves the love of earthly father. My
daughter lives in Huston so that also make the situation harder on me as I
have to travel to see them.
Back to the reason for this email when you asked the group to come up with a
vision our group said lets make one up so I came up with my vision and we
brought it to life as a group. So my dream that once was dormant is now
alive and on paper praise God.
I have something to work forward to and I have it on paper. So if it was not
for this class I may never have ever talked about my dream and my vision for
single mothers.
Thank you,
Jubilee Bible College Student
Serene Hope DeCorra
I would like to personally thank you for teaching such a interesting and
thought provoking class. You have inspired me to continue in my leadership
role in my own business and have helped to make me a better manager and
owner. Thanks again!